There is a great deal of flag information available on the Internet.  Listed below are some of the best sites, and a synopsis of the information they provide.  This list will be reviewed and revised regularly.  If you have a suggestion please contact  

Civil War (US) - Confederate Flag Information

Flags of the Confederacy An excellent site for information concerning Confederate flags - lots of specifications


Conserving America's Civil War Flags How museums conserve flags, with some tips for conserving your own
Fabric & Textiles
Historic Textile Glossary Excellent information concerning antique fabrics; from Rabbit Goody
General Flag Information
Antique US Flag Assessment Guidelines  Excellent information concerning evaluating flags
David Martucci's Flag Pages Surveys concerning flag history and vexillology; New England flag pages
Department of Defense Department of Defense 1348.33-M, "Manual of Military Decorations and Awards"
Flags of the World Information and graphics on flags - a huge database of information
United States Code The official US Government web site for Title 36, covering the Service Flag and Button, and the POW/MIA flag
United States Code The official US Government web site for Title 4, covering the American Flag and certain US symbols 
Vexillarium The "Flag Room" of Devereaux D. Cannon, Jr.

Membership Organizations

Confederate States Vexillological Association Devoted to the study of flags associated with the Confederate States of America
Flag Institute (UK) The Flag Institute is a scholarly organization based in Great Britain
National Flag Foundation Patriotic promotion of the American Flag
North American Vexillological Association NAVA is a scholarly organization and has no commercial, religious, or political objectives


Alabama Civil War Period Flag Collection Alabama Department of Archives and History
Georgia Capital Battle Flag Collection Georgia's flags from the Confederacy to the Persian Gulf
Maine State Museum - Historic Flags & Banners Maine's Historic Flags - Military and Civilian flags of the State of Maine
New York State Military Museum New York State Battle Flag Preservation Project
Ohio Historical Society Ohio Battle Flag Collection
The Pennsylvania Capitol Preservation Committee Pennsylvania's Historic Flags - Civil War flags, antebellum flags, Spanish-American War, & others
Tennessee State Library and Archives Confederate Flags from the Tennessee State Museum Collection


The Illustrated Dictionary of Vexillology A large body of definitions arranged in alphabetical order
A scholarly article posted on the web site of David Martucci, originally published by NAVA


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